День рождения

Ольга Шафранек
B честь 40 День Рождения Андрея прошу помочь детям!

Помогает Свято-Софийскому социальному дому

Андрею скоро будет 40! В его честь, хочу собрать деньги для Православного Свято-Софийского социального дома.

Dear Family and Friends —

Andrei turns 40 this year! I struggled to think of a gift for someone who doesn’t like «stuff», doesn’t really enjoy novelty gifts, and also doesn’t like surprises. So I started thinking about Andrei and the things that I admire about him. One thing that always sticks in my mind is his generosity, the desire to try to help people in need. And so I thought that perhaps raising some money for a good and helpful cause in celebration of Andrei’s milestone birthday would be the perfect thing.

As many of you know, at our 20 week ultrasound with Fevronia, we were told she had a soft marker for a few health issues. In the emotional car ride home from that appointment, I collapsed in the car, full of anxiety and self-doubt. Andrei was full of strength, ready to embrace what might lay ahead for us, thinking mostly of the love he would have for our child no matter the outcome. It helped me be stronger and calmer too. A few months later, by the grace of God, we were blessed with a healthy ray of sunshine. But I always remember Andrei in that moment. And because of that, I would like to raise money in Andrei’s honor for a home here in Russia that helps children and adults with severe health issues — treatments, support, transportation, livelihood, etc. We also admire the Miloserdie organization as a whole and support it when we can. They do beautiful outreach in Moscow/Russia with services that truly help sick, elderly, handicapped, homeless, and orphaned people and children in need.

Please consider donating to this cause — ANY amount is appreciated! And if you want, please leave a birthday message for Andrei 🙂  Thank you!

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